Jinan Man Cheong Packaging Printing Co.,Ltd


    Jinan Man Cheong Packaging Printing Co.,Ltd. was established in September 2001 with a registered capital of 40 million yuan. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinan hansburg beer development Co., Ltd. It is a high-tech enterprise and scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprise committed to professional beer trademark and color box printing of all kinds of food and beverage; It is one of the few large professional beer trademark printing enterprises in China and the leading enterprise in the beer trademark printing industry in Shandong Province. And won the title of "specialized and new" in Jinan; Located in Zhangqiu Economic Development Zone, Jinan, the company covers an area of 46.67 Mu and has 218 employees. It can achieve an annual output of 14 billion trademarks, 5 billion aluminum foil sealing labels and 90 million beer and food gift boxes.
The company now has 2 Heidelberg cd102-6 preset plus six color offset presses, 1 Heidelberg sm74-6 + UV, 2 nine color high-speed shaftless aluminum foil / paper gravure printers, 1 nine color high-speed shaftless aluminum foil / paper gravure printer, 9 German Bora paper cutting machines, 2 German Bora RA-6 automatic counting paper breaking machines, 3 high-speed shaftless NC register embossing machines 2 sets of CNC high-speed automatic cross cutting machines, 9 sets of full-automatic computer aluminum foil / trademark die cutting machines, 11 sets of full-automatic CNC finished product breaking machines, 1 set of German Bora intelligent label cutting line, 1 set of yrt-16006 + 1 satellite flexographic printer, 1 set of mtjz-1450 8-color shaftless high-speed flexographic printer (the first machine with automatic plate loading and unloading and automatic ink path cleaning function in China) 1800 three-layer corrugated board production line, 3 automatic intelligent die cutting, bundling, palletizing and winding production lines, etc
The enterprise regards environmental friendliness as its primary task and responsibility, advocates the technical transformation of energy conservation and emission reduction in each link of the whole production process, green printing and cleaner production, and is committed to creating a win-win situation for the environment, society and enterprises. At the same time, we will achieve innovative development and make more use of digital technology, communication technology and network technology to make printing services higher quality, more efficient, more accurate and even more intelligent. Under the guidance of this concept, Jinan Wanchang actively responds to the national call to promote environmental protection and governance, and advocates the construction of green, environment-friendly and pollution-free factories, Three sets of st-fhgj030 composite photolysis VOCs treatment system, one set of ecological recycling comprehensive water treatment system and one set of flushing water recycling comprehensive treatment and reuse system have been installed and operated. The plant discharge fully meets the standard. At the same time, starting from the production of raw materials, the company actively purchases more environmentally friendly water-based inks for use in flexo and gravure printing processes, and uses environmentally friendly and emission reducing inks in offset printing processes, so as to reduce the use and emission of volatile organic compounds from the source.
We are dedicated and professional, adhering to the concept of high-quality printing service, earnestly implement every detail of printing management, print and produce high-quality and exquisite beer and food trademarks and color boxes, and have successively obtained iso9001:2015 quality management system certification, iso14001:2015 environmental management system certification, iso45001:2018 safety management system certification, energy management system certification With a series of certificates such as the recognition of high-tech enterprises and the second level of safety production standardization, we will continue to improve the management level, strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises and better serve customers.


Development Course Of Wanchang

   in 2019

It won the title of "specialized and special new" enterprise in Jinan
Obtain pollutant discharge permit in November
The "technology R & D center" was officially established in December

   in 2018

The sales revenue was 205.29 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.33%, breaking the 200 million yuan mark for the first time

   in 2017

In April, it passed iso14001:2015 environmental management system ohsas18001:2017 occupational health and safety management system certification
Become a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise

   in 2016

In May, it obtained the certificate of class II enterprise of safety production standardization

   in 2015

In December, it obtained the certificate of high-tech enterprise

   in 2013

On December 19, hansburg company transferred 55% of the equity of Jinan Wanchang transferred by Guangdong Wanchang company. Hansburg held 100% of the equity of Jinan Wanchang, and Jinan Wanchang became the sole proprietorship of hansburg

   in 2011

On April 27, Jinan Wanchang increased its registered capital to 40 million yuan

   in 2009

On September 28, Jinan wanchangxin factory construction project was fully completed and the overall relocation was realized

   in 2005

On April 28, Jinan Wanchang company fully passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification

   in 2001

Founded Wanchang, Jinan on September 12