R & D capability

Feasible technical source and process control of waste gas pollution prevention and control

After three years of continuous research and development, the company, together with ink suppliers and school enterprise cooperation, has replaced all water-based alcohol inks with low (no) VOCs content in December 2018, realizing source treatment. After energy conservation and emission reduction transformation and efficient VOCs organic waste gas treatment, the total annual VOCs emission is 0.035 t / A, far lower than the city's emission limit of 43.23 T / A. In line with the new national standard of hj1066-2019 printing industry and the requirements of promoting the use of water-based alcohol ink in packaging and printing enterprises, the company officially applied for the invention patent of environmental protection ink, light oil and environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction.

A new process of UV polishing products for preprinted cartons -- full automatic preprint web connecting UV polishing machine

Advantages: low cost, high efficiency and excellent UV glazing quality make the products brighter, more wear-resistant and more moisture-proof

A new process of UV polishing of gravure trademark -- frosted beer wet glue label

Advantages: it changes the history that only alcohol soluble ink trademarks can be printed in gravure printing, and adds a new function to the gravure printing machine. The device can be used to print UV sanding trademarks, which increases the UV sanding effect of trademarks. After using the UV drying device, the UV varnish containing UV frosting powder is dried and solidified to form a tactile UV frosting trademark. After rubbing with a friction resistance testing machine with a weight of 2000g ± 10g, it can reach 200 times without fading.